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We have used Hijama on patients with Vertigo with great success.

Hijama provides pain relief for conditions like Gout.
Hijama is an excellent remedy for Migraine headaches, as it helps to release tension around the brain, thus providing pain relief.
Hijama helps reduce inflammation of the Sciatic nerve.
Detox your body with Hijama

Our daughter Maaria captured our Haj journey on video and edited it.

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Maaria has previosly shot various videos, ie. fashion, weddings, events & commercial.

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Hijama is an excellent treatment for the pain relief and removal of excess Uric Acid due to Gout.

You can click on the image below to open or download the Gout information pdf.


The pdf is from the Gout and Uric Acid Education Society.

Hijama is the perfect remedy for back-ache and sciatica.

You can view or download a pdf which shows specific stretching/exercise to help relieve sciatic nerve pain.\pdf\sciatica.pdf


This pdf was created by



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