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Hijama Points - Back
Hijama Points – Back
head cupping
head cupping
Head Cupping – Crown Point.This is my personal experience of head cupping on the crown point.

My dear wife, may Allah bless her, cups me every 2 months on my crown point.
(It’s the only time I feel that my bald patch is a blessing from Allah).

Alhamdulillah Allah grants me many blessings, of which some maybe a direct result of head cupping.
Allah knows best, (long may they last, Ameen).

These are a list of some of my observations:-

Immediately after cupping, I feel light, refreshed & re-vitalised.
(A little like my batteries have just been replaced with new ones).
I am alert & ready for action
I feel like taking my kids to the park and actually playing with them & get some exercise.
I feel energetic and want to do things, start a project, Tidy up, get my tools out and fix something, take my wife out on a date, help my wife in the kitchen? (OK maybe not that much).
I want to have fun, joke and laugh with my friends and family more.
I can concentrate for longer periods of time, and think more clearly.
I get distracted less & can focus on what I’m doing.
I remember more, and forget less.
I sleep better and more soundly.
I feel like I am calmer, relaxed & mellow, (chilled out). I feel like a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and all the worldly things I usually stress & worry about are now not that important.
I sleep better & wake up for Fajr refreshed.
I don’t get once-a-week headaches
I feel like giving my wife and kids more attention
I’m not sure if my wife will agree about the next few points.
I don’t get too annoyed at things, and feel more patient. (I don’t feel angry with little things, or complain, as much as usual).
I enjoy company, and I think I listen more.
I feel less negative & I have a more positive outlook of life.
When I pass a man in the street, I like to give him a smile or a nod, (without waiting for a smile back).
I don’t think I’m a particularly touchy feely kind of person, but for some strange reason, I feel like hugging the family more. I appreciate the things Allah has blessed me with, and people a little more.
I feel like meeting my family and ringing those who are too far to visit.
I feel like living in the real world more, (Rather than get distracted & waste time in the virtual world, ie. TV, Internet, Facebook, Gaming etc).

Lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is made up of lymphatic vessels (similar to blood vessels) and lymph nodes (glands) that extend throughout the body. It helps maintain the balance of fluid in the body by draining excess fluid from the tissues of the body and returning it to the blood system.
Closely related to the cardiovascular system, the lymphatic system has several major functions. It is important in the body’s defence mechanism, filtering out bacteria and also (along with the spleen) producing disease-fighting lymphocytes (white blood cells), generating antibodies that are so essential to the body’s immune system. The fluid that circulates in the system is called lymph. In addition to lymph, the system includes lymphatic capillaries and large vessels, lymph nodes (glands), the spleen, the tonsils and the thymus. Besides forming lymphocytes and antibodies, the lymphatic system is also responsible for the collection of fatty globules from the intestine and their transmission through the mesenteric glands and the thoracic duct into the bloodstream.
The lymphatic system also prevents infection entering the bloodstream. It also preserves the fluid balance throughout the body. After an injury, the affected tissue generally swells. It is the lymphatic system that removes most of the excess fluid, and then returns it for circulation. All forms of massage or tactile therapy that involve stimulation of the skin surface will result in improvement of blood and lymph circulation. One advantage that blood circulation has over lymph circulation is that blood is pumped around the body by means of the heart. In contrast, the circulation of lymph relies on breathing, movement (walking or exercising) or external pressure, which is usually administered by various types of compression garments or bandages, and gravity. Since the origin of the lymph is the blood plasma, the two fluids are very much interconnected and inseparable physiologically.
As the lymph circulates between the cells, it collects waste matter including dead blood cells, toxic material and, if present, some cancer cells. While blood is responsible for collecting and distributing oxygen, nutrients and hormones nourishing the entire body, the lymphatic system is responsible for collecting and removing waste products in tissues, acting as a systematic garbage collection service! When this waste is not collected adequately or effectively, it congregates as a localized congestion. Waste-laden lymph is filtered by lymph nodes that are located throughout the body, some superficially under the skin and others situated deeper in tissue in the abdomen and neck, under the arms and the intercostal spaces both to the front and back of the rib cage. The function of these lymph nodes is to remove some fluid and toxic matter as well as killing many pathogens. They are also sometimes responsible for trapping cancerous cells, slowing down the spread of the disease.
During cupping therapy, in particular when ‘moving cupping’ is employed, both blood and lymph circulator} – systems are simultaneously stimulated to work more efficiently. This results in a more efficient collection and transportation mechanism for toxic substances, depositing them into the lymphatic system to be destroyed, and allowing the circulation of fresh lymph in order to nourish the tissues and generate a booster to the immune system

Hijama - Sleep
Hijama – Sleep
Hijama Feet Points
Hijama Feet Points
Hijama Kahil Points
Hijama Kahil Points
Hijama effects on the Liver
Hijama effects on the Liver
Hijama/Hacamat/Bekam – Effects on the Liver
When cupping removes the spoiled and senile corpuscles and the impurities from the blood, and it increases blood flow in all tissues and organs, consequently in the liver tissue. So, the liver cells will be activated and then the whole liver will be activated to perform its other functions in a complete performing . It will transform the cholesterol and the excessive triglycerides by its metabolic function, and stores the excessive sugar in blood with help from the pancreas in reducing glucose level to normal one in the diabetics. And the liver will be more active in rescuing the body from poisons, this activate all its systems including the brain and nervous system so the general health of body is better. It also heightens the regeneration of spoiled tissues in the body because the liver is responsible for the production of the necessary protein for continuation of life and growth, it is clear that cupping medicine is a cure or improves all hepatic problems including all types of hepatitis.If we consider the hepatic Enzymes as a criterion for all treated cases where the levels of them are high, the findings are; after cupping they return to their normal levels.Cupping: A prophetical medicine – Sheikho


Hijama effects on Kidneys
Hijama effects on Kidneys


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Hijama Sunnah Days Sept