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Hijama - About Us

Shamim is from India, where she was introduced to many different alternative therapies. Shamim’s academic studies include a BCom, in Business studies from the Hinduja College in Mumbai. Shamim, like many Indians can speak 5 languages fluently.

Shamim married in 1990 and moved to the UK to be with her husband. She travels to India often, learning more about various alternative therapies during her visits. She has 5 wonderful children, keeping her busy.

Shamim had reached a crossroads, where she wanted to do more than just be a wife and mother. She wanted to do something to benefit others, as well as her family. She started studying and attending courses on Islam, to reflect and get a better perspective on her life, and to gain a deeper understanding of the religion. During this time, she was suffering from ill-health, and she was becoming very interested in health, nutrition & alternative therapies. She soon realized that Islam had many things to teach about good health and living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Here began her research into Unani/Prophetic medicine, Hijama and all things Cupping.

Shamim began learning about Hijama in 2008, and over the years she has attended various Hijama/Cupping training courses, learning from different teachers, organisations & perspectives. Eventually she went on to pass the Certified Hijama Practitioner exam in the UK.

When her trainers, Hijama Nation moved away from London, Shamim was asked to take over their London clinic & client base, at the Health Works in Walthamstow.

Shamim uses Hijama, or wet-cupping, dry & flash cupping, & massage cupping for general well-being and detox, as well as to treat pain and provide relief from many ailments. She also advises on natural home remedies which go hand in hand with Hijama/Prophetic medicine.

Before joining The Health Works team in 2013, she was working successfully as a mobile Hijama therapist with her own client base in and around London.





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