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Hijama/Cupping Therapy - The Ultimate Detox Treatment


Hijama - Kahil Points

Hijama on the upper back/Kahil points on the recommended days are our most popular treatment, as it is recognised as the ultimate Detox for Muslims.
       Many healthy people request Hijama every month, as a preventative measure, to keep their body cleansed, and provide balance in their body.
        As a general rule, we target about 5-6 points on the upper back, and add some dry cups to highlight any other toxic areas that require treatment.
We can add further dry/wet/massage cupping to specific areas during these sessions, as required, but may have to charge extra according to how much additional time it takes for the extra cupping required.
        Hijama was a common practice of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his companions for the treatment of a range of ailments as well as a form of body maintenance and health promotion.
        Hijama helps release pathogens, toxins and the ‘excess’, rendering this therapy the best and fastest detox known to man! It is also a very effective therapy in promoting blood circulation, boosting immunity, rebalancing body hormones and energy, making it the best therapy for general health and well-being for those individuals who wish to have Hijama performed as a preventive measure.
        Hijama is noticeably effective for the treatment of metaphysical and spiritual conditions such as Evil Eye, Black Magic and Jinn possession or for those conditions that medical practise can not account for.
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