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Hijama/Cupping Therapy - The Ultimate Detox Treatment


Hijama - Wet Cupping Therapy

Hijama Wet Cupping Therapy is a simple, safe and effective therapeutic technique.

The practice of wet cupping dates back to as far as history has records. It is one of the oldest time-served medical practices in the world. It was practiced extensively by the Arabs afer the Muslim Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) described its divine prescription for mans ailments. Wet cupping also has its roots in European history, as it was a fundamental part of Medical practice in the UK and America until the 1800's.

Hijama/Cupping's effect on the digestive organs is to increase their digestive secretions and enhance their peristaltic movement.

Hijama/Cupping can awaken the appetite, strengthen the stomach and digestion, improve the bile flow and metabolism, relieve constipation and promote regularity of the bowels.

Hijama/Cupping Therapy stretches the walls of the organs in the abdominal cavity and stimulates elimination of stagnant waste and mucus. It promotes healthy digestive activity. The additional byproduct of feeling less stressed after a treatment may also help to reduce overeating habits.

Cupping has a dramatic detoxifying effect on the skin and circulatory system. By increasing the flow of blood and plasma through the veins and arteries, cupping enhances the cleansing and removal of toxins. This detoxification may not be observable after just one treatment, but after about three to five treatments, there will be a noticeable improvement in the color of one's complexion.

Health Hijama Cupping Therapy in North East London, Walthamstow E17. Althernative Medicine from Islamic Muslim Sunnah for brothers sisters. Wet, Cupping. Also Ruqya, Ruqyah, hijamah, hijamma, hajama, Hacamat, bekam




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