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Hijama/Cupping Therapy - The Ultimate Detox Treatment


Hijama - Paranormal/Spiritual Issues

Hijama is noticeably effective for the treatment of metaphysical and spiritual conditions such as Evil Eye, Black Magic and Jinn possession or for those conditions that medical practise can not account for.

You are advised to seek guidance from a reputable and recommended Raqi, if you feel that you have been afflicted by these problems. The raqi will recommend Hijama, and tell you which points are to be cupped for maximum impact.

Please research your Raqi before arranging meetings/sessions with them, as there are many scammers who claim to be genuine Raqis, but only want your money, and others who may use methods not from Islam.

The Messenger(SAW) was cupped on his head when afflicted with magic:
Ibn Al-Qayyim (may Allah have mercy on him) mentions that the Messenger (SAW) was afflicted with magic and was cupped on the head to treat it.
He also mentions that hijama is from the best of cures for magic if performed correctly (Zaad al Ma'aad).

What is Ruqya, and how should one perform it? Download Ruqya Recitation here (right-click on selected link and save-as).

Method of Self Ruqya - Download the Ruqya Ebook here

General Symptoms Signs and Indications Suggesting one Maybe Suffering and afflicted by Sihr, (Black Magic), Ayn, (Evil Eye), hasad, jinn influence or possession.

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