General Symptoms Signs and Indications Suggesting one Maybe Suffering and afflicted by Sihr, Ayn, jinn, hasad


These four illnesses are known through 4 symptoms:- 

1. Blockages in life: – Your life is blocked, you can’t earn money, you can’t get married, you can’t have kids, you can’t study, you can’t pass exams, whatever you try to do is not working, when people come to help you they won’t help you, so whatever you are trying to do is not working out.

2. Unusual illnesses: – You have pains illnesses strange pains which are unexplainable. You go to doctors they don’t understand you make an analysis they don’t find anything and you take medicine and it’s not going. So it’s something abnormal.

3. Unusual Mental States: – You get angry too much, you get depressed, you get scared fear every little thing, you can’t focus on anything, you can’t learn, you keep forgetting everything, you can be hearing things seeing things which can lead all the way to madness.

4. Nightmares: – Having bad dreams, whatever is done in sihr will generally appear in your dreams for example:

Sihr done in graveyards:-
Is done to block your life and will make you like a dead person. So your tired you don’t want to do anything just want to lie down. Even if you sleep when you wake up your still tired. You be depressed you don’t have any pleasure or taste in life. You will also be thinking about death or suicide and will be dreaming about dead people. You will see dead people alive or people who are alive as dead or yourself dead or you can see graves or funerals by any means you see things related to death.
Many animals such snakes dogs lions cows camels etc and promiscuous dreams thoughts and blood.

Sihr put into water: – This is done so your life is wasted like water like a river going into the sea. Or you can’t construct anything in your life it’s as you are building something in the water So whatever you are trying to build the water is removing it, or to make your money get wasted so when you get money it’s like you are getting water in your hands by the time you raise them it is all gone. You will see water in your dreams you will see rivers or yourself standing in the rain, you will see yourself swimming or drowning. Or\ living under the water, or seeing a tsunami by any means you will see something to do with water and animals reptiles snakes dogs lions cows camels etc and promiscuous dreams thoughts and blood.

Sihr in a high place: – They put the sihr in a high place for two reasons so they can take your mind over reality. So you will spend your time thinking wondering maybe fearing things, or imagining things, or changing minds, you can’t focus on something pragmatic constructive and that will also envelope you so that you go round and round in your life. You try to achieve things but you always come back to a starting point and so you will go round and round. You will dream of yourself going up or flying or falling, or sometimes just as you are about to sleep you feel as if you are falling down. You will be dreaming about heights and animals reptiles etc and promiscuous dreams thoughts and blood.

Sihr in the toilet: – you will see toilets or see yourself doing waste in the toilet. Your dreams will be related to the toilet sewers dirt filth and animals nude figures promiscuous thoughts dreams and blood.

The above is a general self diagnosis based upon symptoms that one may show and feel.

It is advisable to see a competent experienced Raaqi in order to know and to be diagnosed with what exactly one maybe affected by and get treatment accordingly.

The above symptoms indicate one of the above jinn ayn sihr or hasad.

Allah knows best.

Abu Eesa Ruqyahealing.

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